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We are living through March Madness, and I’m not talking basketball! Presidential primary seasons are often bruising and brutal, but I can’t recall our political discourse ever being as frightening and truly insane as what we’re experiencing right now.

On today’s show, it was Joel Silberman – media trainer and strategist – joining in the first hour to try to get a handle on what’s going on.

In the second hour, I asked Gaius Publius to come back on to reset the scene for us… The map favors Bernie Sanders going forward, so I look at the post-debacle Tuesday as 2016 campaign 2.0!

Tomorrow are the Democratic primary races in Arizona, Utah and Idaho- followed by caucuses in Washington state, Alaska and Hawaii on Saturday. If we take the Super Delegates out of the equation (where they should be – actually they should be in the trash, but that’s a topic for another day), only 347 317 delegates separate Sanders and Clinton. (***Editor’s note: I suck at math. The actual number of delegates separating them is 317, not 347!)

Yes, despite what the media & pundits, the Clinton campaign and the DNC and all the internet trolls tell you, this is still a race for delegates. We’re only about halfway through so we’ve still got a long way to go.

Here’s the count as it now stands:



A few other thoughts to fire you up as we head into tomorrow’s primary day… From my friend Robert Cruikshank of DFA regarding those calling for Bernie to exit the race:

I liken this to the Super Bowl. Our team is down by two touchdowns at the half. The other team has had more time of possession and outgained us in yardage. But everyone expected our team to be blown out, and we’ve scored our own touchdowns, ran at least one pass back for an interception, and proven more resilient and capable of victory than anyone thought possible.

In such a scenario, everyone would be waiting to see what happens in the second half. Any sports fan knows that the second half isn’t necessarily like the first half. Things change. Adjustments are made. Big comebacks are possible.

Those who say Bernie should drop out are basically saying that a team in the Super Bowl should forfeit the rest of the game when they go into the locker room at halftime down by two touchdowns. They’re saying that there’s no possible way the two teams do differently in the second half.

That’s just wrong. Bernie is going to rack up a series of victories in the coming weeks. He is going to win Washington State by a big margin. He can do the same in Oregon. New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and a lot more states are still out there. And then there is California, the big decisive prize at the end.

This race is not over. At all. If you wouldn’t tell a team down by two TDs at the half to quit the Super Bowl, don’t tell Bernie Sanders to drop out.

Great analogy, huh? 

Here’s another little missive that I found on Facebook. Try to get past the fact that it’s credited to Dennis Miller (even a stopped clock is right twice a day!), because it really makes sense…

dennis miller


So, please vote tomorrow!!!   Gaius Publius will join us again next Monday morning to give us an update on the delegate count as we inch closer to Philadelphia! In the meantime, subscribe to Gaius’ newsletter here, or check out his author archives here.

Tomorrow, Benjamin Dixon and the Gliberal Goddesses are on tap… radio or not!

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