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As you can see from the magazine page above, The Dave Matthews Band played The Whiskey in Los Angeles in January of 1995. Their debut album for RCA, Under the Table and Dreaming had just been released, and we at KSCA were the first to play in Los Angeles to play their music, starting with the lead single, "What Would You Say?" No one had any idea just how huge they'd become, when Dave came in for his first Los Angeles radio interview with me. I don't know the exact date, but it was January of 1995... Four years later, [...]

6-5-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Flashback Friday

It's another Flashback Friday! After discussing the inhabitants of the 2016 GOP Clown Car with Republican political commentator John LeBoutillier, Nicole Sandler pulled her two interviews with Dave Matthews from the archives - his first Los Angeles radio appearance from 1995, and another from 1999 after he was a superstar!

You Came, So I Built It!

I said that if enough listeners wanted it, I'd expand the show and do a live program on Fridays. You asked, so here we are. The Friday program will be a little different... we'll look back at the week that was, open the phones for anything you want to talk about, and end the week with a gem from my music radio archives. My morning today began with my usual routine, reading my emails. I came upon an essay sent to me by a friend who wrote it and posted it on his personal blog. It was so moving and [...]

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