Oh weekend, what took you so long to get here?

Today, we ended a really shitty week on a high note, celebrating a big win yesterday at the FCC.‘s Tim Karr joined me to bask in the glory, and he certainly deserves it!

Tim and I have been discussing the issue of Net Neutrality for the better part of the last decade, and all his hard work paid off yesterday as the FCC voted 3-2 to reclassify internet/broadband as a public utility.

Tim rattled off a bunch of groups who all shared in the work, built a coalition, herded the donkeys and got us all to take action. And lo and behold, it worked!

What that means is good news for this show and others like it. Now the Comcast/Verizon/ATT monster can’t put us in the slow lane while they reserve a fast lane for the big media companies who’d be willing to pay more to get their content to stream to your computer more quickly that the rest of us little guys who’d be relegated to the slow lanes.

Take a victory lap, we all deserve it. And then stay diligent and remember that the fight is still not done, as they’re (the Good Old Pricks) are hell-bent on challenging the vote and killing Net Neutrality once and for all.

Because the mean people™ have been out in force lately, I debuted a new segment, “Mean People Suck” today. We shone a spotlight on the Pope’s (now former?) “friend,” who printed a private, personal email from the Pope that warned against the “Mexicanization” of Argentina -a reference to drug trafficking and violence (sounds like something that happened to me recently); the MO State Attorney who killed himself because he was about to be outed as a Jew (seriously. But don’t bring up anti-Semitism, ever!); and Scott Walker telling CPAC that he’s qualified to take on ISIS because he totally took on 100,000 protesters and busted the unions! And more…

And finally, the weekend was here. It’s about time.

Today’s Flashback Friday segment was from 3/8/99. It was my second interview with Dave Matthews (the first was featured here, his very first LA radio interview from 1994!), and my dog Sandy even chimes in on the last song!

I’ll be back Monday, hopefully with a much less stressful week, radio or not!