I said that if enough listeners wanted it, I’d expand the show and do a live program on Fridays. You asked, so here we are.

The Friday program will be a little different… we’ll look back at the week that was, open the phones for anything you want to talk about, and end the week with a gem from my music radio archives.

My morning today began with my usual routine, reading my emails. I came upon an essay sent to me by a friend who wrote it and posted it on his personal blog. It was so moving and so powerful and something that I thought everyone needs to read. It’s a bit lengthy, so I read just a few paragraphs of it on my show, but then called Kenneth Quinnell to discuss his piece, “I Could Have Been

[the Santa Barbara shooter]. Please click over and read it, and share with all who might benefit from the hindsight of one who could have gone there, but didn’t.

I spoke with one listener in California who emailed me yesterday about the problems with the mental health system in California and discovered, to her dismay, that the only psychiatric hospitals in the LA area are for-profit and seem more concerned about making money than treating the patients who are there for help.

We heard from listeners in Nebraska, Maryland and the deep south… It’s great to hear from you, so we’ll keep doing it each week.

Back Monday with Howie Klein and another edition of “The Steve Israel Hour, sponsored by Little Debbie” and Jorge Rodriguez of SoFloRadio.com

To end this week, I dug into my archives and pulled out a gem from early 1995. The Dave Matthews Band had just released their major label debut, Under the Table and Dreaming, and were in Los Angeles for their first time. I was lucky enough to host Dave for his very first Los Angeles radio interview and performance. Enjoy!