8-18-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Just a Little Bit of History Repeating or A Change is Gonna Come

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   One constant in this world is change. Today we'll talk about some of the change we're experiencing now. Much of it change we've seen before, and should be a giant red flag warning us about history repeating! If I could play music on this show, I would have opened today with this one. Do yourself a favor and watch the Propellerheads featuring Shirley Bassey. This is genius! https://youtu.be/yzLT6_TQmq8 After 20-year occupation, the US is removing all remaining troops from Afghanistan. The exit [...]

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Announcement! RadioOrNot.com has now officially moved to NicoleSandler.com. So if you want to watch, listen, and/or read anything from Nicole Sandler and me, go to the brand spankin' new site! My "Laffy's Place" tab there even has its own URL: LaffysPlace.com if you want to go directly to my posts. To repeat: NicoleSandler.com is now the URL for Nicole's radio show, Laffy's Place, and links to all other features on the site. And NicoleSandler.com is teaming up with Randi Rhodes (!!), whose show Nicole will be producing!   More news: Nicole's show (where I've been showing up for my weekly segment every Tuesday for years) will start [...]

Flashback to FDR, Boz Scaggs in ’94, and My Mom

It's Flashback Friday! Nicole speaks with author Harvey J. Kaye about "The Fight for The Four Freedoms," his new book about FDR. For our musical segment, it's Nicole's 1994 interview with Boz Scaggs from LA's KSCA. And, on the 35th anniversary of her death, Nicole remembers her mom.

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Can We Still Overcome?

The world lost a treasure. Pete Seeger died at the age of 94 after a lifetime of music and activism. He probably didn't always see his actions as activism, but as doing what he thought was right. But we owe him a huge thanks. The NY Times ran a lovely obit today that struck all the right chords. But after I already finished today's show, I read a tweet that alerted me to the best salute to Seeger - Bruce Springsteen's introduction of our global treasure at Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Concert: I started the show today by playing the [...]

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