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Announcement! has now officially moved to So if you want to watch, listen, and/or read anything from Nicole Sandler and me, go to the brand spankin’ new site!


My “Laffy’s Place” tab there even has its own URL: if you want to go directly to my posts.

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To repeat: is now the URL for Nicole’s radio show, Laffy’s Place, and links to all other features on the site. And is teaming up with Randi Rhodes (!!), whose show Nicole will be producing!

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More news: Nicole’s show (where I’ve been showing up for my weekly segment every Tuesday for years) will start airing at a new time next week.

Starting Monday, the NEW TIME for the Nicole Sandler Show will be weekdays at 2-4 pm ET (11 am-1 pm PT). What a relief! No more early mornings for yours truly!

My regular spot will air at 3:20 pm ET/12:20 pm PT every Tuesday.

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Along with the podcasts available at Nicole’s site, the second hour of her show will also be heard on the Progressive Voices app and channel. Stay tuned for more details.