Evan Dando of The Lemonheads

  Last week, I posted a link to this page of music interviews to social media. One response I got was from a listener who recalled an interview I did with Evan Dando of The Lemonheads as one he particularly enjoyed. So, I reached back into the vault for this very laid back interview with Evan Dando in the KSCA Music Hall from November 18, 1996. Click here for more of Nicole’s classic music interviews  

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JJ Cale 9-7-94

Not everyone who came into the fm 101.9 Music Hall was a household name. We broke tons of new artists, and welcomed lots of great songwriters who weren't always out front. Eric Clapton had great success covering many songs from JJ Cale. He joined me in Music Hall in September of 1994. Go back to the index for more of Nicole Sandler's classic music interviews.

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David Byrne

  I've been a fan of Talking Heads since the 70s. So when KSCA launched in July of 1994, and I was able to book David Byrne as our very first artist to appear for an interview and performance, I was psyched! And I got to host him. The station had only been on the air for a few days, and we hadn't yet dubbed our performance space The Music Hall. He agreed to play two songs - a new one and an old favorite. For the old favorite, he chose "Nothing But Flowers," but lamented that he didn't remember [...]

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While I’m On Hiatus….

While I'm out, please explore the archives. There's close to 10 years of full shows, lots of interviews and some musical treats too. And it's all free. Well, on the honor system, anyway.  Since I'm trying to heal and hope to escape from politics while I'm on the mend, I thought I'd share some of the highlights of my career so you can escape the ugliness of this political season too. On The Nicole Sandler Show stream, I'm playing back dozens of my favorite interviews with musicians and rock stars from my many years in music radio.  Although I can't [...]

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Flashback to FDR, Boz Scaggs in ’94, and My Mom

It's Flashback Friday! Nicole speaks with author Harvey J. Kaye about "The Fight for The Four Freedoms," his new book about FDR. For our musical segment, it's Nicole's 1994 interview with Boz Scaggs from LA's KSCA. And, on the 35th anniversary of her death, Nicole remembers her mom.

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