Creepy Inappropriate Laughter

{play}{/play}  PODCAST: Play in new window   I don't know about you, but Mitt Romney's nervous laughter at the most inappropriate moments is truly unsettling.  I can just imagine him meeting with foreign leaders calling him out on a lie, and Mitt's response is a creepy cackle. I know, perish the thought.... Mittens does lots of other inappropriate things too.  Just take his commencement address yesterday at Liberty "University".  To quote Rodney Dangerfield, take them, please...  But seriously.  I don't usually watch Lawrence O'Donnell, but he hit the nail on the head last night concerning Romney's "Christians rule" speech which [...]

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Talk About a Crazy News Day!

Listener Marc in Phoenix emailed today to tell me that Mercury is in retrograde. It actually started on 4/18 and will remain so until 5/11. Perhaps that explains the weird news that's taken over the airwaves today. I talked about some of these stories with Christy Harvey of the Center for American Progress and Mic Check Radio, who joins me for the first segment of the show on most Wednesdays. Tonight, we talked about the craziness that is Nevada GOP Senatorial hopeful Sue Lowden and her claims that you can barter with your doctor or pay for medical treatment with [...]

Is It Appropriate to Say “Happy 420 Day”?

MSNBC's Tamryn Hall actually asked Ryan Grim that question this afternoon, to which he answered an emphatic "Yes.. Happy 420".  I'm not kidding... See for yourself in what was one of the best segments I've seen on the place for politics, during the daytime anyway... I put together my own 420 salute, with a little help from Ryan Grim's appearance with Tamryn Hall on MSNBC... And  Ryan Grim joined my on the show tonight too, to discuss the origins of 420, and take a look at the progress we've made toward ending prohibition.  By the way, if you're curious about [...]

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