It’s Getting Ugly Out There

As I was preparing for the show this morning, reports started crossing my twitter stream of violent police action against the protesters at Occupy Oakland.   The picture above was taken by someone on the scene... Hundreds of cops in riot gear, including officers from surrounding municipalities as backup... against peaceful protesters. This video was shot by someone there and posted on the ustream account of punkboyinsf.  At around 16:00 in, you see a citizen journalist thrown to the ground by police;  at around 17:00, tear gas is used; He was livestreaming via his cellphone (something I'll have [...]

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Something’s Got To Give

I finished the show this morning with a brief mention that my mom died 32 years ago today.  She had leukemia, but that's not what killed her. The chemo destroyed so much of her insides that the doctor wanted to give her a colostomy bag.  My mom didn't confide in me about her medical issues (her flawed reasoning was that she didn't want us to worry), so all these years later, I still struggle with the facts.  But she did tell me that she refused the surgery. She wouldn't get the bag because she didn't want to be [...]

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