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The day began badly enough five years ago today. We had a pretty good idea that the Supreme Court would hand down its decision on the Citizens United case that day and, sadly, it was the wrong one. The court effectively overturned over a century of campaign finance law, and codified the ridiculous notions that corporations are people and that money equals speech.

Opposite world indeed.

If that wasn’t bad enough for one day, the second part of the double whammy hit later that afternoon when Air America Radio ceased broadcasting and announced it would file Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings.

At the time, my show aired from 11pm-1am ET on Air America. When a listener notified me that AAR was done, I was waiting for a call from Congressman Alan Grayson to tape an interview for that evening’s program. We still taped the interview, but the show was the first to be webcast exclusively here at

And here we are five years later…

Today we begin our second five years as a standalone, internet-only program. Congressman Grayson was supposed to be my guest this morning, but had a last-minute scheduling conflict, so he’ll join us at the beginning of tomorrow’s show.

There was plenty to talk about with my regular Wednesday morning commiserator Susie Madrak, and the always loquacious Cliff Schecter as President Obama delivered his penultimate State of the Union address last night, and the hog castrator herself, Joni Ernst, gave the GOP response.

I hope you’ll listen…

I’ve been dealing with website and computer issues today (what else is new), so we’ll keep this short and sweet, and I’ll be back tomorrow morning, as usual, radio or not!