Good Friday


It’s Good Friday, but if you ask me, every Friday is good!

Today, comedian and radio personality Ron Placone joined in to talk about his college tour, speaking with young people about politics and the media. Find his Indie Bohemians podcast and more at

The GOP primary sweepstakes have devolved into The Real Housewives of the Republican Campaign Trail™ as the Trump-Cruz rivalry hits new lows. And we Bernie Sanders supporters have to keep swatting the naysayers from the media, the Democratic party, the Clinton campaign and the never-ending trolls on social media as Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state all caucus tomorrow.

We ended today’s show with a Flashback Friday segment from August 27, 2009. I was hosting a nightly show on Air America radio when one of my old music radio contacts told me about Billy Bragg writing new lyrics and reworking Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” for a film called Following the Ninth.  We had a wonderful trans-Atlantic phone conversation about the coming together of these two musical worlds… and of course, no interview with Billy Bragg would be complete without a bit of political talk as well. It might be time to reach out across the pond to speak with him about our 2016 presidential sweepstakes. Stay tuned.

I played Rosario Dawson’s introduction of Bernie Sanders at an LA rally earlier this week because it was so on point. The more I learn about her, the more impressed I am.  I didn’t have time to read these on the show, but promised I’d post them here. First up, activist Dolores Huerta smeared Bernie Sanders on Medium.  Rosario Dawson responded with class and facts in an open letter to Huerta at Huffington Post. Well said! 

I’m off to guest host the BradCast for Brad Friedman again… so we’ll see you over at tonight, and back here Monday morning, radio or not!

Today’s preshow and post-show music playlist for your listening pleasure: