I haven’t been doing any shows on Fridays for the past few years. But obviously, things are rapidly changing in the progressive talk radio field. Randi Rhodes’ show ended last Friday, and today, Ed Schultz will end his radio show.

Over the past few months, the downloads, views and listens to the podcast, live show and video archives have been steadily growing. I decided a while ago that if you come, I’ll build it!

So today, I decided to test the waters with a few interviews I’d already recorded but hadn’t yet had the time to play on this show.

So, on the show this morning, we heard my interview with Senator Bernie Sanders from two weeks ago, during which we discussed the need to raise the minimum wage, why socialism a good thing, and about the possibility that he’ll step up and run for president!

Following the murder of an Australian college student and baseball player in Oklahoma last summer, former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer warned his fellow Australians about the dangers of traveling to the US. I finally tracked him down to ask him about how he helped get sensible  gun laws passed there, and talked about how an official travel advisory about the gun epidemic in the US might help change things here. 

And finally… last week  I arranged for Melissa Etheridge to call in to wish Randi Rhodes well as her show was ending. At the same time, I invited her back on my show.

And to end the week, I pulled out an interview and performance recorded at WXRV/Boston in December of 2003…

Have a great weekend. We’ll be back Monday for a Memorial Day show too… radio or not!