I’ve been under the weather all weekend.  I did something to my lower back that’s had me in agonizing pain since Friday afternoon.

Yes, I still did the yard sale on Saturday – made it through thanks to the  leftover percosets from my broken foot, but probably worse for the wear.

But when I awakened this morning and turned on the computer, I was treated to a message that made me feel a whole lot better — an invitation to guest host the Thom Hartmann show today. That post will follow, but first… here’s what we did on today’s show.

Following a shaky start due to some technical problems, I spoke with Jacques Gaillot of GSM Consulting about Marco Rubio’s lobbying problem.  Her name is Amber Stoner.

Jaques was one of GottaLaff’s sources at the Political Carnival for a couple of pieces she wrote…. The first one, “Just What is Going on Here Between Marco Rubio and Healthcare Lobbyist Amber Stoner” also gives us screen shots of some of Rubio’s credit card records which show clearly a LOT of travel expenses for Stoner.

The story continues in”The Mystery of Marco Rubio & healthcare lobbyist Amber Stoner pt 2” in which the plot thickens, and the cost of goodies to Ms. Stoner get more expensive (can you say HOUSE?).   There are questions here that need to be asked, but it seems as if none of Florida’s investigative reporters are doing the asking.   I may have to reach out to one that I know….  (I think I will…)

And, since I had to prepare to guest host the Thom Hartmann show, I played an interview I did with Ralph Nader on Air America last November… certainly worth a repeat listen!

The next post will have the info on today’s show #2…