I actually voted yesterday, by in person absentee ballot.  I know, that makes no sense, but remember – I live in FloriDUH!  The current criminal governor, Rick Scott, decided to cut the early voting period in half.  While we witnessed record lines, the Democratic Party of Florida filed a suit to extend early voting hours, a number of Supervisors of Elections of various counties took it upon themselves to offer this alternative: show up at their offices, have an absentee ballot printed on the spot, where you fill it in and turn it in.  Sounds simple, right?

Unfortunately, Miami-Dade County even screwed that one up.

I had already gotten my absentee ballot in the mail.  But being the non-trusting soul that I am, I had already planned on delivering it to the Supervisor of Elections office in person.  Done, and even collected my I Voted sticker to boot.

Today, we’re already hearing reports of problems with longer-than-expected lines, most notably in African American areas (go figure), and the obligatory touch screen voting machine in Pennsylvania that won’t register a vote for President Obama.  

This is gonna be a looooong day.

We started it a great slate of guests on today’s show. Tom Tomorrow, creator of the brilliant This Modern World cartoons joined in to talk about the election silly season.  And don’t forget, just in time for the holidays, his new collection The World of Tomorrow is now available.

It’s Tuesday, so we had our standing date with The Political Carnival‘s GottaLaff, and author, pundit, Ohio voter Cliff Schecter joined in too.

It’s gonna be a long day and night, so be sure you’re following me on twitter… and come back tomorrow morning for the recap!