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Please welcome back regular guest contributor, author of Being Christian – a racy novel that explores the dark underbelly of the right-wing Christian world – and the go-to blogger on shocking religion news, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state (weekly upchucks), KC Boyd.

You can link over to the official KC Boyd site here for the rest of this post. It’s well worth a look, because I left out a ton of great upchuckable stuff, including antidotes! These are but a few of her weekly “where religion meets your rights” collection:

Your Weekly Upchucks: The place where religion meets your rights

– by KC Boyd

Abortion, Contraception And Other Women’s Issues

  • #AttentionMustBePaid Ohio’s Attempt To ‘Regulate Abortion Out Of Existence’ Is Flying Under The Radar
  • #WantsToBePrez Thanks to John Kasich, Ohio now has some of most restrictive abortion laws in country.
  • #WhosReallyProLife? Abortion is 14x safer than childbirth. It could only be safer by being easier to reach.
  • #This Happened A Slew of Anti-Choice Laws Took Effect This Week


Fifty Shades Of Hate

  • #NotWhatMLKMeant Huckabee: Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Don’t ‘Have A Choice’ But To Engage In Civil Disobedience
  • #HyperbolicHate Cruz: ‘Darkest 24 Hours In Our History’ (worse than PearlHarbor)
  • #Remembering MatthewShephard Gay couple beaten by homophobes at Seattle Pride celebration faces thousands in medical bills
  • #TheTropesComeOut Lutheran pastor says Jews to blame for destroying Christian values after US approves gay marriage

Fifty Shades Of Lies, Hypocrisy And Propaganda

  • #AboutHypocrisyStupid Bristol Palin defends herself against ‘giddy a$$holes’: ‘I meant to get pregnant — so deal with it’
  • #EspeciallyTheRepressedAndClosetedAmongHim Pat Robertson: Gays Will Force Christians To Like Anal Sex And, Eventually, Polyamory And Bestiality
  • #FromTheManWhoStole2004 Ken Blackwell says  “The War on Truth: It’s a Progressive Disease”

If Media’s The Message

Israel, End Times And John Hagee

  • #MustaReadItInTheBible Robert Jeffress: Supreme Court decision, White House rainbow lights are signs of the End Times
  • #FaustianBargain “The reason why John Hagee doesn’t need to talk about converting Jews is that there’s no reason to rush these things. The End Times will take care of all that.”


  • #FemaleDog? Idaho county clerk threatens to marry her dog after Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage
  • #TheBuckeyeBoot You’re Gay, you’re fired and yes, it’s legal in Ohio
  • #SouthernManDontForgetWhatYourGoodBookSays An East Tennessee business owner just put a “No Gays Allowed” sign in his store window

Politics Nation

  • #CruzingTowardObscurity Cruz: Clerks Should be Able to Opt Out of Gay Marriage Licenses
  • #BayouBarf Bobby Jindal Demands Defunding the Supreme Court. GOP is All America Needs
  • #FrothyFoam Frothy Says We Need to Fight Gay Issues More Than Global Warming
  • #PerishTheConstitution Huckajesus : Conservatives can ignore gay marriage ruling like Lincoln ignored Dred Scott
  • #UmWhat? Bobby Jindal: Gay marriage isn’t like interracial marriage because Christians aren’t ‘racist’
  • #PanderFestContinues Rand Paul’s ‘libertarian’ compromise on marriage equality mirrors RW Xtian talking points
  • #HesTwignorant ‘Did Jesus ride dinosaurs?’ : Bobby Jindal’s Twitter Q&A hilariously backfires

Religion Gone Bad Gone Mad

Supremes And Lower Courts

  • #FatLadyNotFinished Gay Couples Celebrating Today Could Be Fired Monday for Being Gay
  • #BadJesusIsShowing Huckabee Totally Loses It (Because Huckabee totally LOST it)
  • #GotThatWrongBub GOP Rep: Gay marriage ruling “offensive” to Civil War dead who fought for “a Christian lifestyle”

Sausage Makers And Their Sausage

  • #LeesRevenge Senator Mike Lee, along with House co-sponsor, Raul Labrador, introduces a bill preventing any agency from denying a federal tax exemption, grant, contract, accreditation, license, or certification to an individual or institution for acting on their religious belief that marriage is a union between one man and one woman.
  • #YeahRight Senator James Inhofe: My Gay Friends Think Court Ruling Was Bad
  • #TheLiesTheySpew Tea Party Caucus Chair Tim Huelskamp: Left Wants Churches, Non-Profits, Schools To Accept Polygamy
  • #ThisIsOurCongress House Passes Bill that Prohibits Expert Scientific Advice to the EPA


  • #Boom! Non-family sex abuse victim to file lawsuit against Josh Duggar
  • #Pedophiles4Huck Huckabee defends calling Jay Z a ‘pimp’ — but says ‘nothing is unforgivable’ for Josh Duggar

Supremes And Lower Courts

  • #MooreUpchuck Roy Moore’s Lawyer Demands Alabama Defy ‘Wicked’ SCOTUS Ruling, Choose ‘God Or Satan’

Theocracy Rising

  • #SidlingUpToPower Inside Story of Hobby Lobby’s New Bible Museum on the National Mall