The fools were out in force this weekend. From Lindsey Graham having a bit of a temper tantrum on Faux News…

Yes, he really did whine,

Apparently nobody’s been listening to what Senator McCain and I have been saying for the last three years.

Sadly Linds, we’ve been hearing you, non stop, advocating for US conquering the world with our military might! It’s hard to ignore when you’re on the TV every friggen day.

We heard your pal Grampy McCain too… he told us just yesterday that he knows how to vet these Syrian “moderates” because he “knows them.”

He knows them? Did he know that the guy on the far left is Khalid al-Hamad?

Mccain tweet photo w syrians

It was Khalid al-Hamad who became known as the “cannibal Jihadists” after having a friend video tape him eating a human heart! It is also been reported that Khalid al-Hamad called his unit the “Osama Bin Laden Brigade.”

Khalid al-Hamad directing a friend to video tape him cutting out and eating the heart of a Shiite man he killed. This video was taken a few months after he had his picture taken with John McCain.

Yeah, John “I vetted a number of them because I know them” McCain. You know them. Right…

The fools who masquerade as network newscasters were outed this weekend too. In the usually enjoyable “Up Against the Clock” segment on Up with Steve Kornacki, we learned that the MSNBC news bimbos are as clueless as are the Fake News bimbos. (Although I was a bit disappointed that my experiment on the show today with listener Herbal Smurf and my significant other David didn’t do much better than the bimbos did – but neither of them are paid handsomely to tell us the news.)

Thankfully there was one sane voice on the TV yesterday – Senator Bernie Sanders. Sadly, it was only his FIRST appearance EVER on Meet the Press. That is a travesty, especially when the insane bobsey twins (referenced above) are on almost every week!

Although I was thrilled that Sen. Sanders was finally invited on Meet the Press, I thought I had stepped into opposite world when Chuck Toad announced that he was their first guest in the MTP “Meet the Candidates” series.

We have a midterm election a mere 49 days away, and Bernie Sanders isn’t a candidate for anything. Way to go Meet the Press!

That said, his interview was the best thing on any of the Sunday shows this week..

It’s Monday, that means Howie Klein joins us for The Steve Israel Hour, sponsored by Little Debbie! After discussing Zephyr Teachout’s great showing in NY last week, and how welcome a Bernie Sanders presidential run would be, we moved to Bill Maher’s announcement of a winner in his “Flip a District” contest.

Howie wrote about that choice here, and about the fact that although Maher never mentioned Kline’s opponent, Mike Obermeuller, the progressive Democrat running for the seat Kline currently occupies, has long been a Blue America PAC-endorsed candidate! 

We also talked about how the DSCC is learning from the DCCC’s idiocy and will likely be responsible for losing the Senate in November. Keep in mind that Blue America has a Senate page set up too… if you find yourself with some extra dollars to donate, you might want to click here.  (And while you’re at it, click here too....)

I’ll be back tomorrow with  GottaLaff …  and whatever else the day brings, radio or not!