***Update*** Wow.  At least you know it’s live radio.  Tonight’s show didn’t go at all as planned.

As you likely know, I stream my show live on both an audio stream (hosted by our friends at TalkRadioOne.com) and video (via Ustream). Ustream also has a chat program that I use during the show. Unfortunately, tonight my chat room was invaded by a bunch of obviously pre-pubescent teens who thought it funny to disrupt a live radio show.

To make matters worse, time zone issues got the best of me tonight too, as Claudia Wright had the wrong time!  (Did Mercury go back retrograde while I wasn’t looking?)

Perhaps it was just that Monday had it in for me…

Anyway, Howie Klein stepped in at the last minute to tell us a bit about Claudia Wright, and also mentioned that Crooks & Liars will have a live chat with Tarryl Clark-who is running against the batshit crazy Michelle Bachmann in Minnesota- this Saturday.

Thankfully, our regular segment with Nicole Belle went off without a hitch…  And tomorrow’s another day….


Yes, you read that correctly. Claudia Wright is, indeed, the great great granddaughter of the Mormon church’s Brigham Young. She’s a gay woman, and a true progressive, and she’s mounted a primary challenge to the Blue Dog incumbent in Utah’s 2nd Congressional District, Jim Matheson.

Tomorrow is primary day in Utah, and Claudia Wright joins us tonight on Radio or Not.  Read a bit more about her on Down With Tyranny. While you’re out on the internets, you might want to help Claudia and other progressive candidates through the Blue America PAC.

In hour two, Nicole Belle of Crooks & Liars is back with our regular Monday feature, Life During Wartime, as we deconstruct the Sunday Talking Heads Shows….