Yesterday I told you how a group of around 30 constituents from Florida’s 22nd congressional district went to Allen West’s office to meet with him. (We were part of a much larger group that went to visit 99 congressional offices in all, on behalf of the 99%.)

Only four from our group were allowed to speak with our congressman — I was not among them (not sure if it was because the receptionist was a bitch and I told her so, or because I’m me – probably some combination of the two).  I spoke with them after the meeting who told me that he

  • wouldn’t answer a direct question
  • answered only in talking points
  • told them not to waste their time getting “bullshit degrees” from college
  • was a condescending asshole who seemed not to hear a word they said

Well, Mr. West went on the Fox business channel last night and decided to lie about the meeting, saying the four who were allowed to meet with him “left with their tails between their legs.”

I think not Mr. West.


By the way, while we were there, I spoke with Angela Sachitano – Allen West’s communications director.  I’ve spoken with her in the past – with numerous invitations for the congressman to join me on the air on either my show or Randi Rhodes’.

I informed her that I’m guest hosting for Rhodes again Monday through Wednesday of next week, and would appreciate a few minutes of Mr. West’s time  She didn’t answer me.

Should you be so inclined, feel free to call her and ask the Congressman West appear on the air with me to answer some questions.  The number is 202-225-3026 and her email is