I Went to Washington DC and All I Got Was Dissed By My Congressman

OK, I'm exaggerating a bit, as my trip to DC this week was pretty amazing! I met some wonderful people from both the labor movement and the occupy movement (which really are one and the same, even if some of them don't want to admit it).  And, as detailed in my last post, I witnessed history, as I was in the senate gallery to witness some Bernie Sanders brilliance. Perhaps the most telling episodes of my trek to the nation's capitol both came from the man who is supposed to be representing me in Congress, Allen West. On Tuesday, along [...]

Saving Democracy (or Bernie Sanders is My Hero!)

Here I am in Washington DC with a free day!  Yes, there was a march from the mall up to the Capitol and a group of people went in to try to see John Boehner (his office called the police and the citizens were told to leave or they'd be arrested). As I was standing at the labor rally calling for good jobs in the shadow of the Capitol, an email arrived from Senator Bernie Sanders' office alerting me that he had introduced the first constitutional amendment in his entire congressional career.  It's called The Saving American Democracy Amendment, and [...]

Assholes on K Street

  Yesterday there were two kinds of assholes on K Street. The first group is there permanently.  They're the ones who buy off members of Congress and get them to do their bidding.  On behalf of the K Street lobbyists, Congress passed bad laws and did nothing to stop the Wall Street excesses and theft from the 99% that led to the destruction of our economy. That's why almost two thousand people converged on Washington DC this week - to Take Back the Capitol. On Tuesday, we descended on 99 congressional offices to tell our representatives that we [...]

Allen West is a Liar and a Coward

Yesterday I told you how a group of around 30 constituents from Florida's 22nd congressional district went to Allen West's office to meet with him. (We were part of a much larger group that went to visit 99 congressional offices in all, on behalf of the 99%.) Only four from our group were allowed to speak with our congressman -- I was not among them (not sure if it was because the receptionist was a bitch and I told her so, or because I'm me - probably some combination of the two).  I spoke with them after the meeting who [...]

Occupy Quantity vs Quality

This is a tough post to write, but I have to say it.  I'd rather see fewer people at these protests who know why they're here than more people who don't know jack shit. Sorry to be so blunt, but that's what I do. Yesterday, a group of around 30 of us went to our congressman's office - in our case, it was Allen West.  All in the group came from his district, Florida's 22nd.  Most of them came from Occupy West Palm Beach. As we were walking the mile or so from the People's Camp to the Longworth office [...]

Don’t Eat the Brown Acid!

OK, I know many of the participants here at Take Back the Capitol ( @99indc )  probably won't get the reference... and my age was still in the single digits when Woodstock became a giant mud pit, but that's what it feels like at the People's Camp this morning. It began raining yesterday and really hasn't stopped.  But the weather hasn't damped the spirit or enthusiasm of the thousands gathered from almost every state in the nation to get our representatives to focus on human needs and stop bowing to corporate greed. After an exciting day yesterday visiting our congressional representatives, today we'll [...]

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Taking Back the Capitol – Allen West Denied!

I'm in Washington DC this week for a massive action "Take Back the Capitol". Today was a thing of beauty, as thousands of the 99% visited 99 congressional offices to tell our representatives that we need more jobs and less corporate influence over this country. I was in a group of around 30 people from Florida's 22nd district who wanted to meet with the man who is supposed to represent us -- Allen West. After waiting a couple of hours, West's Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff (along with the help of three Capitol Police they somehow needed [...]

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