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Greetings from my stay-cation…  This week, we’re looking back on the year gone by with some of the best and most newsworthy interviews from 2014.

Today, we go back to April 24 to talk with Tim Fischer, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia who helped usher in sensible gun regulation following the biggest massacre in their nation’s history back in 1996. I ran my idea of an international travel advisory by him too.

Then on to May, when the standoff in Bunkerville, Nevada at Cliven Bundy’s ranch was in full swing. Interesting how people there actually pointed weapons at federal law enforcement officials, yet none were shot, choked, killed… or even arrested. Could the fact that they were white have anything to do with it? I spoke with Dave Neiwert of Crooks & Liars and the Southern Poverty Law Center about that story.

On May 16, the Randi Rhodes Show ended its nationally syndicated run. Today, I share one bit Randi played on that show from many years earlier in which she proved that listeners don’t really know what they’ve got till it’s gone….

In June, lots of controversy followed the FIFA World Cup to Rio de Janiero, which is where I caught up with The Nation’s Dave Zirin, who explained what all the fuss was about.

And finally, in July, in between my live broadcasts from the American Federation of Teachers convention and Netroots Nation, I spent a few days in LA, where Amy Simon, GottaLaff and I first got together as the Gliberal Goddesses, eating pizza and drinking wine, and trying to figure out what to call our get-togethers…

We’ll continue our journey through the year here tomorrow morning, radio or not!