12-20-14 The Rear View Review – Tuesday Edition

Nicole continues her year end wrapup with some of the best and most newsworthy interviews of the year, including former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer on guns & massacres, Dave Neiwert on the Bundy ranch standoff, Randi Rhodes show ending, Dave Zirin live from the FIFA World Cup in Rio, and the first gathering of the Gliberal Goddesses in Los Angeles

Is It 2014 Yet?

Once again, my birthday falls on election day. I know I'm dating myself, but I voted in my first presidential election on November 4, 1980 - my 21st birthday.  Exactly one year earlier, Nov. 4, 1979, just 10 days after losing my mother, a group of hostages was taken in the American Embassy in Iran. I voted for Jimmy Carter, but Ronald Reagan was elected.  So much for a birthday present. The next time a presidential election fell on my birthday was in 2008.  On my 49th birthday,  Barack Obama was elected president. 2014 is a mid-term election, but I'd [...]

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