I was on vacation last week – and that was the view from my room at the Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort. I was there for a music conference called Sunset Sessions – which I attend whenever I am able.

My friend Michele Clark started Sunset Sessions almost 20 years ago as a way to introduce new music and new artists to radio programmers. She’d fly a select group of adventurous radio folk to an exotic location where we’d enjoy great company and incredible music. These days, Michele hosts her annual gatherings in San Diego and, true to form, puts on an amazing event!

My top new musical discoveries this year are The Wind and the Wave , Jonny Kaplan & the Lazy Stars, Atlas Road Crew and Kodaline.  In addition to new musical discoveries, we got to enjoy some old favorites too, including NEEDTOBREATHE, The John Butler Trio and others.

And the festivities ended with a late late night visit to Jason Mraz’s home and studio for a midnight Chipotle snack (featuring avocados grown on his property), a preview of songs for his upcoming album, and a live performance at 3AM!

Nicole Sandler with Jason Mraz

Nicole Sandler with Jason Mraz

Back to reality…

While I was gone, I was thrilled to see that Thomas Frank (What’s the Matter With Kansas, The Wrecking Crew, etc) is now writing for Salon.com.  As is usually the case, I agreed with him fully about his latest, “Paul Krugman won’t save us: We need a new conversation about inequality.”   He joined me this morning to discuss that piece and the need to tackle this most urgent problem in America.

Do read it — and the rest of his stuff at Salon!

There’s a lot going on this Saturday, March 1. If you’re in South Florida, come join your fellow liberals at the Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour at the Parker Playhouse! Yes, I’ll be there!

Also on Saturday – around the world – is the kickoff to the March Against Corruption. This morning, I spoke with Curt Ries, a 99Rise organizer who’s involved in San Francisco’s March Against Corruption events.  As I discussed with Thomas Frank earlier in the show, we’ve all got to get involved!

And finally, my pal Cliff Schecter joined in to talk about AZ Gov Jan Brewer’s veto of that state’s anti-gay bill, and the fact that the dominoes are falling, despite the best, bigoted efforts on the right. We’ll keep on fighting for what’s right!

It’s good to be back.. Talk to you on Monday- a double header day. Here in the morning, in for Randi Rhodes in the afternoon!