We Needed FDR and Got Bupkis

I'm fighting mad today.  We have a president who ran on a platform of hope and change...and what we're left with now is hoping we can dig enough change from under the seat cushions to feed our kids and pay the rent, while the wealthiest 2% of Americans are rubbing their grubby paws together thinking about socking away the additional money they'll have thanks to the Republicans and the lemmings who voted for them. We needed FDR-style new new deal, but got -as my grandmother would have said - bupkis.  (It is, after all, Chanukah!) The latest outrage was in [...]

Wet Wednesday – The Nicole Sandler Show

Florida is under a Tropical Storm warning. I expected to awaken to Tropical Storm Nicole this morning, but it's still just Tropical Depression #16.  Why am I not surprised that Nicole is playing hard to get? Anyway, Florida Power & Light permitting, I've got a great show for you today. With election day now less than five weeks away, we'll focus in on different aspects of this election season. Last night, California witnessed the first debate between their gubernatorial candidates.  The once (and future?) Governor Jerry Brown, who was more impressive than I expected, and the Witless eMeg Whitman, who [...]

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Socialism, Health Care Reform and John Fugelsang too!

I'm sick and tired of the Right Wing Nut Jobs who continue to call President Obama and the Democratic Party "Socialists". When I attended David Cobb's Move To Amend speaking tour stop in Ft. Lauderdale recently, I met Marc Luzietti.  He ambled up to the microphone to ask a question, and identified himself as being with the Socialist Party of Florida. Of course, I invited him to join me on the show.  He'll join me today to tell us what they stand for.  (Hint: It looks a lot like what we progressives and liberals wish the Democrats would be, with [...]

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It’s Neither Incredible Nor Edible

Behold the egg... or not. If you're like me, you thought the egg couldn't be bad.  Of course the yolk is full of fat, but the egg whites? The perfect protein!  Or not. It seems that the rise of the factory farm, which has grossed us out on every meat imaginable, has now also destroyed the previously incredible, edible egg. We'll delve into the disgusting places our food comes from with Jill Richardson, the woman behind La Vida Locavore and author of Recipe for America: Why Our Food System Is Broken and What We Can Do to Fix It. Today [...]

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Nukes and War and Votes and Grayson too…

***Update*** During the show, the House voted on the war supplemental bill, so I called David Swanson (warisacrime.org, davidswanson.org) to join in for a few minutes too... It's a busy show tonight.  We've got a lot to fit in to our two hours... Somewhere along the way. I'll share my interview with Congressman Alan Grayson from Netroots Nation! We'll also speak with PDA board member Norman Solomon about their conference this weekend (which was at the same time as the afore-mentioned Netroots Nation); With Shaunna Thomas, the director of the newly-formed P Street Project, from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee; [...]

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