I’m sick and tired of the Right Wing Nut Jobs who continue to call President Obama and the Democratic Party “Socialists”.

When I attended David Cobb’s Move To Amend speaking tour stop in Ft. Lauderdale recently, I met Marc Luzietti.  He ambled up to the microphone to ask a question, and identified himself as being with the Socialist Party of Florida.

Of course, I invited him to join me on the show.  He’ll join me today to tell us what they stand for.  (Hint: It looks a lot like what we progressives and liberals wish the Democrats would be, with a few exceptions!)

The Affordable Care Act passed six months ago… and today, the first batch of reform goes into effect and, along with it, a new website to help us navigate the changes. Unfortunately, the bulk of the help doesn’t go into effect until 2014.  But today, we do get the Patient’s Bill of Rights:

  • Bans discrimination against kids with pre-existing conditions.
  • Allows young adults to remain on their parents’ plan until their 26th birthday.
  • Prohibits insurance companies from cutting off your coverage when you’re sick if you made a mistake on your application.
  • Prohibits insurance companies from putting a lifetime limit on the amount of coverage you may receive, and restricts the use of annual limits until they are banned completely in 2014.
  • And if you join a new plan:
    • You have the right to choose your own doctor in your insurer network.
    • Your insurer is banned from charging more for emergency services obtained outside of their network.
    • You will be guaranteed the right to appeal insurance company decisions to an independent third party.
  • You will receive recommended preventive care with no out-of-pocket cost. Services like mammograms, colonoscopies, immunizations, pre-natal and new baby care will be covered, and insurance companies will be prohibited from charging deductibles, co-payments or co-insurance.
  • When this very watered-down version of Health Care Reform passed, we were told that it was just the beginning.  I know, you’re wondering who’s fighting to make it better.  Today, I’ll be joined on the show by Donna Smith.  We first met her in Michael Moore’s Sicko.  She’s now a Community Organizer and Legislative Advocate for National Nurses United/Cal Nurses, and is co-chair of PDA’s Healthcare Not Warfare campaign.

    And, since it’s Thursday, we’ll have fun with Fugelsang… comedian John Fuglesang joins me in the second hour every Thursday to talk about the news, music, politics, and whatever else comes up.

    I’ll be back with a new live show on Monday.  Talk to you then- Radio…or Not!