With a Little Help from our Friends

  George W. Bush used to say he was a "compassionate conservative." Whether he was or not is beside the point -  the fact that no such animal exists any more. The town of Moore, Oklahoma was devastated yesterday by a massive tornado.  But James Inhofe, US Senator from that state wasted no time in declaring that any disaster relief would have to be offset by cuts elsewhere.  Sickening. We are a nation already suffering from money hoarding at the top and too much being taken from those with the least to give.  On today's show, we looked at areas [...]

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Who’s Better At Politics – Republicans or Democrats?

I know it sounds like a trick question, but it's a relevant one.  We've all heard the jokes that aren't funny (because they hit too close to home) about the Dems being in the proverbial circular firing squad, or having the knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  The reason just might be the other age old adage, that trying to get Democrats on the same page is akin to herding cats.... impossible. I read a thought-provoking piece last week on DailyKos by activist/strategist Robert Cruickshank, provocatively titled "Why aren't progressives as good at politics as Republicans?"  He [...]

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