As unbelievable as it may seem, Donald Trump (D’ump as I like to save time and abbreviate it) was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States today. I watched the ugly spectacle so you didn’t have to, and discussed my observations on today’s show with the always astute and insightful Joel Silberman.

I did promise to share a few things, like the Vox annotated version of the worst inaugural speech ever

And, I started the show with one of my favorite memories that was sadly thrust back into my consciousness when I heard the news that Miguel Ferrer had died. You’ll have to listen to the first few minutes of the show for the story (I think it’s worth it). But I played a taste of a song from The Jenerators – a band comprised of my friend Bill Mumy (yes, Will Robinson from Lost in Space, lots of Twilight Zones and more), David Jolliffe (Rusty from Room 222!) and Miguel Ferrer.

The Jenerators were regulars on the Mark & Brian Show, a big Los Angeles morning radio show based at KLOS, when I was the producer from 1990-1994. They played our 1992 Christmas Show, starting at 6am from the Hollywood Palladium, live on the air. The crowd’s favorite song was one co-written by the three of them (Mumy, Jolliffe and Ferrer). and one of the few songs that brought Miguel out from behind the drums to sing lead.

Given the pussy-grabbing proclivities of our new president, I thought we should share this song. I couldn’t find it online anywhere, so click to listen:

And if you need some music to soothe our collective souls today, here’s my inauguration day playlist…