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It’s those unbearably hot August days that are usually referred to as the “Dog Days” of summer.  But thanks to the incessant heat enveloping the nation right now, I’ll extend the canine comparison.

The pooch pictured at the pool above is my dear Pooh-Bear, who’s having some health issues. It’s a good thing I have health insurance for her.  Seriously.

Yes, even the cost of veterinary care has skyrocketed in recent years, so much so that I’ve been dreading these days when, as my dogs age, I know they’ll need more and more medical care.

The ASPCA pet insurance policy that we have has a $100 yearly deductible (not bad), and pays 80% of the reasonable cost of treatment. Unfortunately, the vet doesn’t reduce her fees to match what the underwriters consider reasonable.  But at least it’s something. 

And I fear her bills will be high.  An update will come when I have one.

Today on the show, I visited with Howie Klein (DownWithTyranny, Blue America PAC) to talk about North Carolina, the DCCC’s aversion to helping progressives win and lots more. 

And in the second hour, I ran through a bunch of stories that deserved a bit of attention including Joe Walsh’s attempted swiftboating of Tammy Duckwirth, the firing of a lifeguard for saving a life, the politics of semantics and Romney’s hypocrisy, Ann Romney says the Obama strategy is to “kill Mitt“, and that ever-elusive Higgs boson. Maybe this video will clarify that last one for you:



I’ll be back here Monday morning, and in again for Randi Rhodes on Monday afternoon too.  Have a great weekend.