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Aaron Sorkin’s new show, The Newsroom, got off to a big start – challenging the myth that America is the greatest nation on the planet.  On this, the eve of Independence Day, we’ll ponder, discuss and perhaps even argue that premise, beginning here:


On the show and in the reviews, Jeff Daniels’ character’s amazing speech is attributed to a “meltdown”.  I say it’s a rare show of honesty from a profession that, more and more, ignores the truth in favor of rhetoric.

Today, on the Randi Rhodes Show, I’ll ask a similar question.  What is “American exceptionalism” and does it still ring true today? Why… or why not?

We’ll also talk with a congressional hopeful – Patrick Murphy – who hopes to go to Congress from Florida’s new 18th district instead of my current congressional nutjob Allen West…  And the one and only Harry Shearer, whose film The Big Uneasy is now streaming on Netflix, and has a new album Can’t Take A Hint coming out in August!

This morning on my show, I spoke with Murphy and another candidate – Dr. Matt Heinz from Arizona’s 2nd district.  Heinz is the newest candidate to be endorsed by the Blue America PAC, and he’s pretty awesome.  He’ll join our Blue America pals at Crooks and Liars for a chat this afternoon at 2pm ET.

And, as she does every Tuesday morning, The Political Carnival‘s GottaLaff joined in with lots to discuss, including

Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife continued to lobby against health care In 2011, per new financial formsVIDEO: Newt Gingrich bows to the leader of an Iranian terrorist group

VIDEO: CPAC 13-year-old star speaker is now 17… and no longer conservative

VIDEO- GOP Rep. Allen West: President Obama would “rather you be his slave.”

Brent Bozell owes Anderson Cooper an apology. Now.

Documents: Mitt Romney invested in company that disposed of aborted fetuses, challenge his claim he left Bain in early 1999

What the Romney campaign and Seinfeld have in common

Mitt Romney lauds Gov. Chris Christie’s behavior. Christie called a reporter an “idiot” and “stupid”

New Hampshire tea party member: “I hope the (5 Supremes) get colon cancer.”