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On “The Last Word,” there was a segment devoted to how President’s Obama is trying to deal with ISIS, including his order for an airstrike on terrorists in Somalia (see video above). Naturally, the names John McCain and Lindsey Graham were inserted into the conversation, because what would criticism of the president be without mention of war hawks like Grampy McBombBomb and his sidekick L’il Lindsey?

Or someone else whose name rhymes with Schmee Schmouble-U Schmush?  Lawrence O’Donnell:

“We’re also living in the aftermath of the complete lack of a George W. Bush long term strategy for what it meant for the United States of America to invade, occupy, take over Iraq.”

It’s rare, but every now and then a political commentator on the Tee Vee Machine pops out with something quotable and/or memorable. This time it was Lawrence . The following is what he said to E.J. Dionne and David Corn when addressing the GOP’s favorite verb in connection with President Obama’s foreign policy decisions:

“‘Dither’ is the Republican word for “think.”

And here is how Dionne and Corn reacted:

lawrence o'donnell, EJ Dionne, David Corn dither

I reacted exactly the same way.