As if we needed any more evidence that the world has, indeed, gone mad… Yesterday, ISIS released another video of one of their masked, cowardly, subhuman, heartless, soulless, thug terrorists beheading another American journalist, Steven Sotloff.

Today’s blog will be short, with just links to the people and stories I spoke with and about today, as I’m not feeling well and the news is making me even sicker…

Dean Obeidallah was up first to discuss his latest for The Daily Beast, “It’ll Take More Than Bombs to Stop ISIS”. (When you’re done with that, definitely click over to read, “Stop the Anti-Semitism When Talking Gaza.”)

Marcy Wheeler was kind enough to pop in to talk about the ISIS mess, which she addressed in two important posts yesterday: “President Obama’s Epistolary War”  and “The West’s Ideological Vacuum“.

I had to point out John McCain’s hypocrisy and war mongering ways. He went on Faux News last night to badmouth President Obama’s handling of the situation, and managed to utter the Freudian slip of Freudian slips!

… The senator proceeded to seriously misspeak when he described a 2013 meeting in the White House in which everyone on the administration’s national security team “recommended arming ISIS.” But, he explained, “the president, by himself, turned it down.”

Huh? Further proof that this senile old coot should be home playing with his grandchildren instead of trying to get the US involved in yet another war. Need we remind everyone about Grampy McCain’s secret trip to Syria to pal around with “moderate” Syrians terrorists?

 The senator posed in photos with men who were later identified as being responsible for the kidnapping of 11 Lebanese Shi’ite Muslims.


As if that wasn’t bad enough… I named one of my former favorite politicians today’s World’s Biggest Asshole. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio showed his true colors by endorsing the worst of the worst, Andrew Cuomo’s running mate Kathy Hochul, for Lt. Governor.  Et tu de Blasio. Blecch.

I spoke with Susie Madrak about that, and her post at the Suburban Guerrilla about our fake recovery… 

If the world is still standing, I’ll be back tomorrow, radio or not…