As we’ve discussed for two days now, there’s no black and white divide between the wrong way and the right way to bring Bowe Bergdahl home. If indeed he walked away from his Platoon as others have said, there should be a court martial. I’m not sure that a five for one swap, with the five being hard core bad bad guys was the right move. But the vitriol and ugliness with which the Rethuglicons are attacking Bergdahl and his father goes beyond any measure of decency.

From Allen West calling for the impeachment of President Obama to Fox & Friends badmouthing Bob Bergdahl for growing a beard and learning Arabic while his son was held for five years, to the asinine Todd Kincannon tweeting to the elder Bergdahl that his son should be executed for treason, these idiots are sub-human assholes for which I can’t find a despicable enough word to adequately describe.


The truth is that I’m happy we have a policy of not leaving any soldier behind, and I hope we get to the truth of how Bergdahl came to be captured. Apparently Michael Hastings was working on that story -and had already written about it for Rolling Stone when he died in a fiery car crash last year. Jason Leopold wrote about it too…

Jason Leopold, who has guested on this program many times, often talking about the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, has a new piece up at Al Jazeera American explaining that President Obama, after releasing the five prisoners in exchange for Bergdahl, can no longer claim that Congress is preventing him from closing the Gitmo prison. He joined me on the show this morning to talk about it.

Following up on yesterday’s conversation with Zephyr Teachout, who took the Working Families Party convention in NY last weekend by storm and put the fear of a real challenge from the left into Andrew Cuomo, I spoke this morning with Greg Basta, deputy director of NY Communities for Change. Greg was part of the group that, behind the scenes, is working to advance the progressive platform put forth by the WFP and ultimately seconded Andrew Cuomo’s nomination. It was a great discussion that, again, underscores the fact that there’s a lot of gray in between the black and white absolutes, and it’s important to keep the big picture in focus.

Should any of our listeners want to get involved in similar organizations anywhere around the country, you can reach out to Greg Basta via twitter, or at the NY Communities for Change website, and he can steer you in the right direction.

And finally, if it’s Tuesday, we hang out with GottaLaff of The Political Carnival.  We talked about the Bowe Bergdahl story becoming the GOP’s “Bergnahlzi,” Chris Christie’s latest problems, an “Oy Floriduh” redistricting story, and lots more.

And, in advance of Thursday’s planned Reset the Net day of action, we listened to a small bit of John Oliver’s brilliant call to action to get you to visit and tell them that we need Net Neutrality… Do what he says, and watch the whole segment here:

Tomorrow on the show: Crooks & LiarsSusie Madrak and SoFloRadio‘s Jorge Rodriguez join in the fun, radio or not!