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Several years ago, I was doing what I always do, overdosing on political news shows. And as usual, I got so frustrated at what I was hearing and seeing that I started screaming at my TV set. Realizing that nobody but my two cats could hear me, it occurred to me that there was an urgent need to give voice to as many fed up citizens as possible who felt as insignificant as I did.

So I created a video series called “BLUNT.” No, not that kind, you crazy stoners. My very sober vision was to provide a place where anyone of any political persuasion could be as blunt as they wanted in about 30 seconds. Then I’d string those commentaries together in one video, enhance them with clips– both humorous and serious– and hope that the someone would hear them.

That someone would pay attention.

That we could somehow make a difference.

So I put the word out on Twitter, and as I’d hoped, there was plenty of interest, not only from your average follower, but also from celebrities.

Blunt was a lot like letters to the editor. Your take, short, to the point.

The premise was: You have a voice, now use it.

The following BLUNT was from December 2012, right after the tragic, senseless gun massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. No famous types took part in this one, and there are no laughs… other than the dark humor of political cartoons… but you may recognize some of your Twitter pals.

Sadly, nothing has changed since “Another Day, Another Shooting” was produced. Take a look:

Ring a bell? 

If you would like to see more of these, please let me know in Comments, Twitter (@GottaLaff), or Facebook (Gotta L. Aff). There are many, many more where this came from, and frustratingly, most are still relevant today.

BLUNT for video