Trump face


As we’ve now had a full day to let the insanity on display Tuesday night sink in, we visited the GOP debate one more time, this morning with Harvey J. Kaye

His main takeaway was similar to mine, the “Kill, Kill, Kill” mantra that I mentioned yesterday. It even gets worse each time you hear the calls for “carpetbombing,” or rationalizations from a neurosurgeon about killing innocent children, as if that’s somehow even remotely acceptable.

And no matter how much fun I have with Christie’s “four dicks,” Carson’s “thousand pricks” or, as Carson referred to the RNC chair, Reince Pubis, it’s difficult to remain calm and carefree knowing that any one of these people could be our next president!

Meanwhile, Congress is getting set to pass its year-end ritual “omnibus” spending bill. Although the fiscal year ends in September, they seem to take this down to the wire every years, and we – the taxpayers – wind up getting screwed so they can get home for Christmas.

David Dayen has a great piece explaining what appears to be the final deal, “How the ‘Bipartisan’ Budget Deal Starves the Beast” up today at New Republic. He joined me on today’s show to explain what got in, what was left out, and how bad it actually is. 

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Tomorrow, the Kurdish representative to the US, the former Australian Deputy Prime Minister who helped usher in new gun laws, big Bernie Sanders news, and a Flashback Friday musical blast from my radio past on the Friday edition of the show, radio or not!