Nothing seems to be making much sense these days.  The GOP shut down the government because they don’t like the law known as Obamacare….  They’re threatening to default, a move that would throw the world’s economy into turmoil because they think we haven’t cut spending on programs for the neediest among us enough.  They’re trying to get the Supreme Court to allow them to legally buy politicians and elections.  And they’re lying about every aspect of what they do, and they do it with a straight face.

Today on the show, I spoke with Melinda St. Louis of Global Trade Watch about the Trans Pacific Partnership.  President Obama had to miss the meeting in Bali this week with the other Pacific Rim nations due to the government shutdown.

Read all about the TPP and why we need to shut that down at Expose The TPP!

Susie Madrak joined in the discussion from Crooks and Liars, warning us that even though he says he won’t negotiate, watch out for President Obama to once again offer up Chained CPI to placate the right.

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