Trump asshole

Just when you thought you’d seen everything, a thing called Trump doubles down on his misogynistic statements and behaviors from Thursday night’s “debate” (a better descriptor of it would be “debacle”.)

But the distractor in chief could become the commander-in-chief if we’re not careful! And sadly, the divisions aren’t limited to the Republican party.

For some reason I still can’t explain, Black Lives Matter is targeting Bernie Sanders for not doing enough for their cause (never mind the fact that he’s never let up in his quest for all people – of all colors). Two women claiming to be part of BLM (it’s not an organized movement, so I’ll take their word for it) went to an event and took the stage before Bernie Sanders was supposed to speak, preventing him from answering whatever questions they might have for him.

To make matters worse, these two called the “white progressives” in the crowd “racist” (I think it takes one to know one), and demanded that the crowd “join us now in holding Bernie Sanders accountable for his actions.”

While we’re making demands, I demand to know exactly what actions you’re holding Bernie Sanders accountable for.


Meanwhile, the usual agitators on social media are continuing to paint all white progressives with a broad racist brush, which is just making a bad situation even worse. Stay tuned…

Today on the show

If it’s Monday, it’s Joel Silberman. He’s a media trainer and strategist and this morning had a few choice words to say about the shit show debacle debate on Thursday night. And on the end of the Jon Stewart era at the Daily Show. And his article, “The Battle of the Billionaires: Trump’s Hostile Takeover of the Koch’s GOP“.

And in the second hour, it was the debut appearance of Frangela on the show!  Find them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and on today’s Nicole Sandler Show. It got heated for a few minutes, but we’re adults and we can disagree on a few things and still like one another. Go figure!

Tomorrow, Norman Solomon on another group who thinks Bernie Sanders isn’t doing enough to prove he’s one of them, and the return of the Gliberal Goddesses, radio or not!