wine classy


Marco Rubio said President Obama “has no class”? To quote The Who, go to the mirror boy. Pot meet kettle, and all that jazz.

Out of left field comes Arsenio Hall, who tweeted

In honor of Arsenio emerging from the history books to respond, let me remind you that I have a bathrobe from the original Arsenio Hall show that they gave to guests included in the Radio or Not auction.  The auction ends tomorrow night/early Saturday morning, so get those bids in now! Click here to access the ebay listings… 49 items left! 

Today on the show was Driftglass day! We talked about a lot of stuff he’s been writing about at his blog and discussing with Blue Gal on the Professional Left Podcast, including Donald Trump, David Brooks and even that contentious display at Netroots Nation last week…

We got great news from Howie Klein yesterday. He’s home from the hospital and he says the stem cell transplants worked. He will hopefully be back with us next week as he continues to mend at home.

Gaius Publius stepped in for Howie this morning, from somewhere in the middle of France where he is writing as prolifically as ever. Read him at downwithtyranny and Digby’s place, and find his writing archive here.

This morning, in addition to more, we spoke about this piece that you really must read: Serena Williams, Racism & the Subjugation of Women.

I’ll be back tomorrow to wrap up the week (and the RoN auction) with a Flashback Friday musical blast from the past, and Julianna Forlano too, radio or not!