Welcome to the start of a new week. It’s a Monday alright.

Today was the day the government would have run out of money if Biden and McCarthy hadn’t come to a deal on raising the debt limit. Depending on what you’re reading or to whom you’re listening, the deal was either a turd sandwich, Biden getting the best of the Republicans, Biden giving in to the Republicans, or a shit sandwich (I know, not much different from a turd sandwich — it’s all at the whim of the reader, er, eater).

Anyway, Brian Karem returns to the show today. I invited him because in his latest column for Salon.com, he writes that it was actually that relic of DC gone by… something called “compromise” – and that, he says, sort of, is a good thing.

But first, wtf is up with the American right wing? They’re asleep when they should be woke (YES, they should be WOKE) and, thanks to Trump saying the quiet parts really LOUD, their flat-earth-beliefs are being exposed and they thing we’re the ones imposing the beliefs of a small minority on the masses? Opposite world, indeed.