The first day back after a long holiday weekend is always tough. But here we are.
News was made while America was using the day set aside to remember those lost in battle to buy mattresses and gorge themselves on food and beer. OK, I’m over-generalizing, but we really do need to step back and assess our priorities from time to time. And this would be a good time to do that.

With the debt ceiling negotiations ongoing as the holiday weekend began, I was taken aback that the so-called cable news channel MSNBC opted to run the Rudy Giuliani story on repeat Monday afternoon into evening instead of offering some semblance of news, but that would be asking too much. (I guess they all had mattresses to buy or steaks to grill or something…)

Today, I was happy to receive Will Bunch’s newsletter.

Will Bunch is a national columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and, thankfully, in today’s edition, he gave a good roundup of what transpired while America was celebrating all of our war dead… or something.

So, after I start the show by lamenting that my town suffered yet another mass shooting (when will it ever end?!?) and share a few other thoughts, I’ll welcome Will Bunch back to the show and let him tell you what the media missed about the laughing stock that was the fascist Florida man’s ridiculous presidential campaign launch and more!

At the start of the show, I mentioned an article I wrote encouraging the rest of the world to issue travel advisories against vacationing here due to danger from guns, and it’s finally happening, 10 years later! Here’s the original column.