It’s June — Pride month. Today we celebrate our gay, lesbian, bi, trans, non-binary and all people and their rights to be whomever they are, to find their unique voices and march to their own tunes and drummers. As an older person (did I just say that?), I’ve lived through the changes – both attitudinal and in real life. I’ve learned to be quiet long enough to listen to the people around me who are going through their own self-awareness journeys, realizing that everyone should be afforded the dignity to live their lives as best suits them… Today, realizing that the hate is not only here in the US, we extend our hand across the globe to say Happy Pride… be loud, be proud, be who ever the fuck you are.

I spoke with an artist called Skaly from the UK. They had sent me this video that just went live yesterday, and I thought it was appropriate to invite them on the show and help spread the word.

And my old pal Spocko joined in too. We talked about our mutual friend, the late great Joel Silberman who taught us (and members of Congress, candidates, celebrities and activists) how to use stories to make a point. Find Spocko’s writings at Digby’s blog and find out more about Spocko on his website.