trump angry


The United States is full of angry people. We’re living in an angry world. The choice we’re making in this election cycle is how best to deal with that anger. Sadly, we don’t seem to have the correct answers!

In the wake of the Travesty in Arizona where many voters waited in line for hours after the polls closed to be able to cast their votes, we’re all trying to find answers. The Maricopa county registrar was the unfortunate public servant who had the camera and microphone shoved in her face and her answers were truly unacceptable.


Now, I know there are two sides to every story, and I’m sure Ms. Purcell didn’t make this decision to cut the number of polling places in Maricopa County, AZ from over 200 to 60, but the answers she gave to this reporter show that she’s far from innocent.

As always, our recourse is  at the ballot box, as a Democrat has just filed to challenge her for that seat. So vote her out… if you can find a polling place!

Today on the show, Harvey J. Kaye returned to try to make sense out of the insane, and Howie Klein joined in for hour two when we discussed what’s wrong with the Democratic party (as seen through Thomas’ Frank’s lens), and the culpability of the Democratic party leadership in the dismal shape the party is in today, and more…. 

I have to run and get into BradCast mode, as I’m filling in for Brad & Desi for the rest of the week… So, I’ll see you tonight, and back here again tomorrow morning, radio or not!