Trump horse


The day has finally arrived. The first state in the nation to the ballot box (caucuses don’t really count) is New Hampshire, and they’re off and voting! Polls close at 7pm ET… though the first returns are already in!

Three tiny towns in the Granite State held their primary elections at midnight, with Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (D) winning two of them while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton (D) each won one. 

Real estate mogul Donald Trump (R) finished in second place in all three communities.  

Stay tuned…

It was a busy show today, beginning with Huffington Post‘s Zach Carter, who wrote about the growing divide in the Democratic party in a piece titled, “Democrats are Fuming about Hillary Clinton’s ‘Smear’ Line,” showing that words have consequences.

Then I spoke with activists Robyn Gottlieb of Portland, OR and Stephen Kuenhn of Toronto, Ontario about how they’re stepping up to help the Sanders campaign. Both drove from their respective home towns to Iowa last week to help Bernie get out the vote. They’re here to inspire my listeners to step up too!

And finally, it was another gathering of the Gliberal Goddesses™ in which Amy Simon took me to task for calling Gloria Steinem an asshole, and more with GottaLaff too.. radio or not.