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I’m dealing with the government-sanctioned healthcare insurance extortionists right now, so today’s show description will be short and sweet. 

The GOP is insane. Donald Trump won the Nevada caucus last night garnering almost 46% of the vote. Donald Trump! Yes, the party that elected actor Ronald Reagan to the White House, Fred Thompson to the US Senate, Clint Eastwood Mayor of Carmel CA, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor of California, Sonny Bono and Fred Grandy to Congress… (that last one was “Gopher” on The Love Boat). It’s no wonder that they’re buying Trump’s bullshit.

The same people who were grumbling about a Hollywood celebrity having no business running for office when Ashley Judd was considering a run against Mitch McConnell, and now going apeshit over a reality TV hack and bully. They’re starfuckers. That’s all.

Today on the show, Deborah Newell Tornello joined me for another edition of Oy Floriduh, including the story that says Trump is considering Rick Scott as a running mate. Hahahahahaha…

In the second hour, I welcomed Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim back to the show for a discussion about his great reporting on our heroin epidemic. You can find Ryan’s article archive here, and I highly recommend signing up for his email newsletter here.