I envy comedians who are able to look at the tragedy surrounding us and find the funny. As we wonder who will sit in The Daily Show anchor chair after Jon Stewart leaves, at least we know that John Oliver is making us proud, combining information with comedy and making an impact over on HBO.

This morning, I recapped his latest brilliant take-down of one of the giants of industry who believe it’s invincible – Big Tobacco!

Obviously, I didn’t play the whole segment, as it is rather lengthy, so I urge you to watch it in its entirety.

As someone in the chat room said this morning, he’s like 60 Minutes meets The Daily Show. Perfect analogy!

Bravo, Mr. Oliver. Bravo!

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One of the names being thrown about to replace Jon Stewart at The Daily Show is our old friend John Fugelsang. As much as I love John, and I do, he just started a new job, hosting a show called “Tell Me Everything” on SiriusXM’s new Insight Channel 121 weekdays from 2-5 PM ET.

John joined me today to talk about the new gig, the state of news and fake news and more.

And since it’s Tuesday, GottaLaff joined me in the second hour, talking #SNL40 and other things that make us laugh and cry…

Tomorrow is Wednesday… we’ll be back, radio or not!