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War is ugly. Always is, always has been. There’s a famous poster from the Vietnam War era that reads “War is not healthy for children and other living things”. Sometimes we must restate the obvious and still, people who need to hear it just won’t listen.
Today, I’ll speak with law professor, author and podcaster Jennifer Taub with whom I have formed a bond, out of necessity as I wade through the ugly and abusive social media waters looking for a sympathetic voice. Those voices seem more difficult to find as the ones who want to see us dead or neutralized are growing in numbers and boldness.

So Jen joins in for a personal conversation that I’m hoping everyone listens to. If one person gain a bit of insight into what American Jews are going through now, then airing our conversation will be worth it.

But we won’t let the good election news go to waste. We’ll celebrate the results that, once again, prove that the polls the media wants you to get all hot and bothered over aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.