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How do you make Fridays better than they already are? By listening to and learning from Marcy Wheeler.

She covers much of the way things work (or don’t) here in the US from her home in Limerick, Ireland. But whether she’s in Michigan or Ireland, Marcy has her fingers on the news and what’s happening on this side of the pond.

Today, it’s more debunking of the chaos caucus in the House and their almost keystone cop-like vendetta against Hunter Biden. Plus the Trump trials, both in progress and coming soon, election results, Bill Barr’s complicity and a whole lot more.

As usual, you might want a pen and paper handy to take notes. Marcy does it all off the top of her head. I just watch and listen in amazement….

Apologies to those watching the live stream on YouTube today. We were having problems there, but the video was fine on Facebook, Twitch and even Xitter. And the audio was good too. So I’ll put this one off on YouTube, and will embed the Xitter stream, should you care to watch.