Rear View Review copy

I don’t know how I let the weekend get away from me without ever posting the final installment to our 2014 Rear View Review, so I’ll do it now, and post all in one place…

Part 1 of the Review aired Monday 12/29, and featured The HORN’s Bob Kincaid on West Virginia’s chemical spill that contaminate their water for so much of the year (and beyond?), Jeff Sharlet on his trip to Russia in advance of the Sochi Winter Olympics to find out what it’s like there for the LGBT community, and journalist Robert Parry with the real story about the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

Part 2 of the Review aired Tuesday 12/30, and featured former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer on guns in America, Dave Neiwert on the Bundy Ranch standoff, Randi Rhodes signing off from her nationally syndicated Premiere Radio program, Dave Zirin live from the FIFA World Cup in Rio de Janiero, and the first gathering of the Gliberal Goddesses from Amy Simon’s house.

Part 3 of the Review aired Wednesday 12/31, and featured General Wesley Clark advocating for more war with Iraq (making me question whether or not the Body Snatchers had invaded), clinic escort Katie Klabusick reacting to the SCOTUS decision on buffer zones, Zephyr Teachout in the midst of her primary challenge to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, and journalist/author Anotonia Juhasz on a federal court finding BP and Halliburton negligent in the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

And finally, the last installment of the Review aired Friday 1/2/15 (player embedded above), featuring Congressman Alan Grayson and Senator Bernie Sanders from Sept. 26, famed prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi on his efforts to prosecute George W. Bush for murder from October 7, journalist/activist Norman Solomon on the plight of whistleblowers under the Obama administration from October 15, and rapper/activist Jasiri X on #HandsUpDon’tShoot and #BlackLivesMatter from November 25.

And there’s your 2014 Rear View Review… until next year, radio or not!