Dumbing Down of America

I was attacked by a troll on twitter today. The moron was still screaming about a comment I made on Monday while guest hosting the Randi Rhodes Show. She didn't like that I said the Democrats were spineless and they they should have gone after Clarence Thomas for lying about his conflict of interest on the Affordable Care Act and non-disclosure of his wife's income from that conflict of interest. @Kennymack1971 A few days ago, emo Nicole Sandler was lambasting Dems for not impeaching Clarence Thomas. She doesn't know shit. @LuthorCEO — TrumpDog (@TrumpDog1) April 10, 2014 The moron continued [...]

Casting Aspersions on Asparagus… or … Louie Go-Home-rt

I often joke about Opposite World, as it is all to often the case that we seem to be living in a place where everything is just wrong.  But when in opposite world, one can at least find some semblance of reason - misguided as it may be.  In the case of Texas four-term Congressman Louie Gohmert, there is no line of reasoning that can help us figure out what the hell he is talking about! Yes, Gohmert was a runner-up in Bill Maher's "America's Craziest Congressperson" contest, for good reason.  But his performance in yesterday's House Judiciary hearing with [...]

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