1508, 2019

8-13-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesdays with @GottaLaff (and Bobby Tuna Too)

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 We begin our week at the Nicole Sandler Show on Tuesdays, so we have a lot of catching up to do with the news that broke over the weekend- most notably the death, presumably by suicide, of the most notorious criminal in US custody today. We'll begin today with a visit from my friend Robert Platshorn, who served 30 years in federal prison for smuggling marijuana in the 70s, about the idea of committing suicide while in federal custody. Check out The Silver Tour, and the TV show, "Should Grandma Smoke Pot?" Then, since it's Tuesday, GottaLaff returns to [...]

2307, 2019

7-23-19 Nicole Sandler Show -The UK’s Big Johnson w Denis Campbell and Laffy’s Here Too!

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   It's official. The UK has a new Prime Minister, and it's Boris Johnson! Misery loves company, so we'll chat with UK Progressive magazine's Denis Campbell to start the show. Then, it's Tuesday, so @GottaLaff will be here to continue the pre-Mueller party...  

207, 2019

7-2-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesdays with @GottaLaff

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   Every Tuesday, Nicole Sandler and @GottaLaff get together to shoot the shit about what's in the news. Today, Trump plans for his Totally Authoritarian Fourth of July as Twitter is awash with questions about what's happening in DC as Pence's plane turns around from NH, Putin reportedly in emergency meeting with Defense Minister and EU Security Council allegedly in an emergency meeting. This could all be nothing, or it could be something. Hopefully we'll get resolution before today's show ends!

2506, 2019

6-25-19 Nicole Sandler Show -Tuesdays with @GottaLaff

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Every Tuesday, GottaLaff and Nicole Sandler join forces to shoot the shit about the news of the day. There's plenty to talk about today, from Trump's latest round of insane interviews, the Iran situation, migrant children being abused and other border issues and lots more... Plus the first Democratic Party 2020 debates are this week! 

1106, 2019

6-11-19 Nicole Sandler Show -Tuesdays with @GottaLaff

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It's the start of another week at the Nicole Sandler Show. On Tuesdays, GottaLaff joins in to shoot the shit about the news of the day, and we have a lot of ground to cover today... I began the show ranting about Nancy Pelosi and her comments this morning calling Pete Peterson a "national hero" and how much she loves him... Here's the video of that question and answer. If you're not up to speed on how evil Pete Peterson and his austerity ideas were, here's a good primer for you to read.

406, 2019

6-4-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesdays with @GottaLaff

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  GottaLaff  joins Nicole Sandler each Tuesday afternoon to shoot the shit about the news, which today includes the resident & his family of grifters in London for an official state visit. But Congress is also back in session, and seems to be moving in the direction of impeachment. Today I shared a couple of items that I'm actually remembering to post here!  First, the Dana Milbank Washington Post op-ed that I shared on today's show is headlined, "Americans must accept that none of these things ever happened." And here's the video from Republicans for the Rule of Law that [...]

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