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Oh Floriduh, you break my heart.  First, you screw things up so terribly you give the presidency to a loser (in more ways than one) in 2000.  then, in 2010, you elect Volermort to the Governor’s office, and put a war criminal – Allen West – into Congress.

It’s bad enough that you continuing punishing felons long after they’ve paid their debt to society by denying them their right to vote, but now you want to, almost arbitrarily, take away the vote from citizens just because their name sounds “foreign”?!?!

I know, that’s not what you say you’re doing, but that’s exactly what you’re doing.  And, of course, the fewer people who actually vote, the better it is for the GOP.

Thank goodness not all of Florida is of the “DUH” variety. As I was prepping for the show this morning, I came across a Think Progress piece about how  Susan Bucher, the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections refused to comply with Rick Voldermort Scott’s voter purge orders.  She was correct to do so, as Think Progress reported later today that new new data confirms that US citizens are being improperly included in this voter purge.

Susan joined us during the second hour of the show this morning to discuss this disconcerting information. While I had her, I also asked her about the ongoing problems with our electronic voting machines.  

We started the show with my friend Stephen Goldstein, whose new book Atlas Drugged: Ayn Rand Be Damned is officially released tomorrow! For more about the book, read the new Ayn Rand be Damned blog too!

Tonight (7pm ET/ 4pm PT) we premiere a new show on the Radio or Not ustream channel, Nurse Talk, hosted by Casey Hobbs and Shayne Mason. Casey joined me on the show this morning to tell us what they do, and further explain our need for Medicare for All.  I hope you’ll check them out regularly, every Thursday here at Radio or Not.

And we attempted to end the show with John Fugelsang, but the iPhone gremlins in Santa Monica got in the way… There’s always next week.

I’ll join Jorge Rodgriguez on his show tomorrow (noon-3pm ET) on… Talk to you then, and back here Monday morning, Radio or Not!