With the deadline rapidly approaching (Dec 23) in order to be covered with health insurance on Jan 1 – and the news that the healthcare.gov website is now working (for the most part), success stories are beginning to emerge.

We got one this morning from Crooks and LiarsSusie Madrak, who regularly joins us on Wednesday mornings! She was able to get through and sign up yesterday for coverage that will cost her less than she’s paying now, and will cover more. Yes, she’s happy.

I wasn’t sure how Donna Smith would respond when I asked her about the Affordable Care Act this morning. After being featured in Michael Moore’s SiCKO, she became an activist for single payer healthcare for all. But I wasn’t surprised that her thoughts very closely align with mine.

She’s happy that she’ll no longer be denied coverage due to her pre-existing condition. She’s happy that she was able to find substantial savings over her current COBRA plan on Colorado’s health insurance exchange, and that they’ll not be able to cancel her because she got sick.

She agrees with me that it’s a big step forward toward the goal of healthcare for all.  I hope you’ll listen to our conversation. And if you haven’t yet watched SiCKO, you must! I have it embedded here. 

And there was more good news this morning… ALEC is sick.  ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is apparently suffering from many of its big money donors (members) fleeing the group!   Brendan Fischer, general counsel for the Center for Media and Democracy (the people who brought us ALECexposed.org) joined in at the top of the show to give us the details while I gloated.